this blog is ded

if you want my new url, just inbox me on this account. I check it about once a week and I'll follow you on my new account if you send me a message. I'd put it here but yeah privacy issues ;-)

I miss this blog so much omg you guyzzzzzz

if you don’t follow my new blog already then have this ok

I’ll meet you all there in five minutes

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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if you guys care my old url was sally—-cinnamon and my new one is


follow me if you want okaaaaay

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Anonymous asked:

why are you deleting? :(

this blog is ded answered:

I’m not going to delete, I’m just gunna start using my other blog from now on. 

And because reasons.

I won’t go into it on here.

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ooook so I made a new blog earlier but I don’t want to lose you all :-(

If you want the url just like this and I’ll send it to you and follow you back obviously :)

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making a new blog

what do I do though I don’t wanna lose all the people I follow/my followers

I just don’t like having certain people following me ugh

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coughing and saying ‘cunt’ when your sister’s boyfriend walks past as a subtle way of letting him know you hate him more than Bono

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